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oldest at top, (circa '99?) newest at bottom [Feb. 10th, 2007|04:45 am]
[Current Mood |infuriatedhalvfulla glas]

Rhodesian Police Unit
Medical Cream Gordon Black
We Formed The Unit
Langly Doctor Excretion O's
Big Ass Truck (taken)
Four Honkies In A Big Black Car (taken)
Eminem Is Ugly Fan Club
Yes It's The Sewage Farm Attendants
Q. E. Crescent and H. K. Squad Car
I Hate The Punks Factoral
Hypotonic Solution In A Brown Membrane
QED Yes Yes LuvLuv Happy Fool Tunes
Capital Omega Approximately Equal to Jake
Brainless Freaks From North Hollywood, 1942
Moral Kombat
Plowed In The Butt By A Goat, 1900's
About To Get A Board Across The Ass, 1905
Detailed Santa On Ass Chocolate Mold
Del Tha Funkee Homo Habilis Vs. Tha Kru
Would You Like A Glass Of Blood Oh What A Giveaway
w joo change-heeork
Bob Segue And The Silver Mullet Band
Self-Titled Album On Interscope Records
7 Round Of Neo-Mayhem
Too Many Way To Be No. 1
Double! Vinyl...
Cigarillos And Alkkkohol
More Fish Paste For Lymph Fluid
Doooooooaaam My Throat Muscles
Dem Herbalz
BANG The 18% Take
HB KKKornfield And His Toaster
Dave Gibson's Cosmic Dancers
Tom Kite (Mrs.) (Deceased)
Suzy Wong Mystery Machine
Face Flushing For Soul
Cannibals For Tibet
Lawrence Of Suburbia
DJ Fat Texan
DJ Minty-Fresh Deth In The Pyramids Of Africa
DJ Old Spice's E-filled Beets
DJ Fat Bloated Plutocrats
Volcanic Spewing Of Homocidal Pornography
Herb's Lard-assed Beer Buddies
Super Car Criminals
love amoeba style
Fantasy Mission Force
china strike force
william morris agency
Ben and Jerry's Crack N' Tobacco Crunch.
Invisible Tank Pong
the unwatchable iron monkey 2
WWI expansion pack
Triple Digit Goering Air Craft Division
Real Fake Footage Of Self-Inflicted TV
Jesus Christ: Lust For Glory
Gooey-Eyeball Filled Lungs Fetish Anonymous
Smud n' Gak Pudding
The Director Of Titanic
Food Stuck to the Floor
The Cast and Crew That Brought You Rent
2 Hours Of Cabesa
Mattress Liquefiers
Santa Clara Liberalism
Coffee-Shop Chic SUCKS!!!HAHAHA
US Attitude Toward Cuban Communism: Chain of Cold War Cuban Conflicts with Castro Like Kennedy's Missle Crisis and Communists
I Want My SUV
No Doubt (taken?)
Yokozuna Crisis 8HRS
New Blow For Bomb Victims
Adopted By The Mob
Mega Sombrero
Staple Removal Specialist
Trash Can Garbage Everywhere
Hello Childhood Fantasy
excuse me princess
My Labelmate Don Newkirk
Your Gung Fu Is Strong
I'm On Parole Man
Dr. Hu And The Amazing Surgeon Crew
8-Layer Constipation Supreme
Fetuses In Chinese New Year Garb
Adult Children Of Childish Adults
Empty My Wallet, Young Man
Head Blow'd Off Repair Kit
Da Hinggan Ling Novelty Eyeball
Family Corpse Funtime Hour
Self-Made Bizarre OUCH Nose
Schweissenpeanut? Ja! Peanut.
schwab barley and the consuelos
mob barley and the whalers
cod charley and the ccalers
laub avi and the nailers
i tought myself how not to feel pain
rob gnarly and the sailors
eu vim da bahia
Chun Vs. Undead
Pliable German Assembly
Mobile Deng
Girls Just Wanna Puke Blood
Dr. Fluorine Gas
Señor Jeet And His Caliente AA's
15 Dollar Chang
E. Böhr And K.R. Ørum
Jørg Munson Non Gorilla (Deceased)
Sven Institute
Moog Liberation Army
Fatty Chamberpot Breaks
Hello Big Man
Put Down the C-SPAN
Fresh Glazed Mustard Breaks
sophisticate apparatus
Ultimaturbo Spamboozled Undulatronic Donkey Kongratulatory Gumpzilla Breaks
The Feds
Brutal Broken Beer-Bottle Biker Bar Brawls
Hacking Pete
The Well-Armed Minigolfer
True Gangster Dolphins
Idris, You Rule
Incredible Evil Forces
Thickened Malt Breaks
Slow Mindroasted Breaks
Violent Attack Squad
My Name is Manjeet (album name: And I Am Funky)
Turbo Jets
Pasteurized Process Breaks
AA Versus Monkey Kong (taken)
Breakfruit Juice
The New Zealand Connection
Baseball Bat in the Face
The Retard Nebula
Chocolate Birth
Italian Zombie Epic
1000 of your closest friends
yellow english subtitles
the meth orphans
dexter and the meth orphans
Some Dead Boonrat's M16
Dreadlock Socket
Enormous Joke Penis
how dare you running away
Aloha Bunghole (taken)
die schreckensinsel der zombies
Penis Guy Poster
Fuk!! i am ded
p.e.t.a.: people for the eating of tasty animals
Narcissistic Honky Rat-soup-eating Assholes
hot damn no more sitting in the dirt (split 7'' with at the drive in)
nocturnal-ass animals
Espionage-Trained Iranian Walruses (album: On Top The Iceberg)
hong kong 1941
Neo Uniform 59
Supreme Bust
Breast Bomber
Sex & Semen & Actress
A Large Quantity Showered On the Whole Body of HITOMI
Mayu Vs. 100 Guys
New Face 36
Herr Schwimmer
Banned Name
head donkey
Alien Infected Personnel
j-pop killing spree
the bookie-killing scumbags
the jävlinators
the moose limbs
emergency neurosurgery
the scattered, distant bachelors
the computer i did my dissertation on
the tiny aussie sexpots
auntie momona's hula halau
ukulele 1
Let's Go Fuckin' Mental
Unbalanced Bowling Champion
The Best of Bruce
I Shit Vinyl
I Eat Vinyl
Char Crust (Album: The Secret to Perfect Steak)
The Science Camp Country Blowers
potency expiration
the flight risks
arse goblins
Some Kind of Bizarre Kiwi Thing
the bed humpers
Mangas Kaxade
The Coconut Bludgenonings
Blah and Odour
Corrupt Icehead Cops
Extreme Glass-Eating Team
AIDS Junkie Scum
onstage suicide
three classic albums for one low price from columbia entertainment
maximum counting crows
the crack blows
colgates drop out-bidrag
whipped ass
Biker Gangrene
Lightly Killed
Stung in the Eyeballs
Lucky Best Wash
Herbal New-Age Mumbo-Jumbo Shit
Hybolical Talk
Googoo Guy
Soilt Armour
Italian Pleather Market
Quasi-Religious Organization
Phi Beta Agitators
Death in Fresno
Pepto Motherfucking Bismol
Opulent Freaks
Ferrari-Driving Miami Drug Dealers In Wifebeaters
70 Minutes of Total Mindnumbing SIlence
Live Sheep Exports
Fabio Rotating
Sweet Voices Coming to My Head
Eurometal Pseudoenglish Lyricism
a sign of effluence
Eggnog Shit
What Else Might They Be Lying About
the cosmo fashion team flew to hawaii with the generous support of diet pepsi
ana beatriz-barros in a vat of human effluence
stallone's infamous slur is a result of birth complications
britney cocaine tragedy
a butt-ugly mind
sex offender flag football
Gug89 G67
898 Uhkphu
both victims
NHL all-star royal fuck-up
penalty for noncompliance
bisogyny aorta
hedonist lymphatica
a bunch of killers and junkies
beer on clothing in las vegas
warts illustrated
crackseed driver
autoerotic asphyxiation
The Helicopter
the well-kept hedge
Bloody Students
That Shit Wasn't Tylenol
horrible fuckers
The Chilean Newspapers
a guy looking terrifying (album: stolichnaya will pour out of his cock)
The Bulgarian Legend (album name: Golden Testicles)
The Nicotine-Addicted Wife-Beaters with Vertigo
Washed Up in Estonia Six Months Later
boogly boogly arafat
artyom's grandfather
my plane ride home from russia
i'm going to kill you and no one will care
Neo-Mafia and the Mad Professor (taken)
Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti
Mariah Carey and Boys II Men
Am I Deformed?
The Swedish Beastie Boys
Drug Snugglers
Poison Clan
8-Diagram Pole Fighter
Iron Scrotum
Or Is It
Grizzled Nam Vets
DJ Conical Cone
DJ Nautical Nightmare
Finger Sharpener
This Local Band
The Likes of Which
Timecube's 6 Sex Diagram Pole Fighter Dimension
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Circa 02-04, unproductive years [Feb. 10th, 2005|09:40 pm]
Real American Bah Fuck It
Right Wing Think Tank
Paul McCartney in a Blond Wig
Pole-cat Hunt
Starlet Anorexia
Suicide Band #57
butt chica
A Mountain of Cocaine
Police Seizures
a barely-recovered reagan
Ass Cleavage
The Credibility Of The Pentagon
Elaborate System of Pulleys
A Cornered Bear
Senior Crick
the dead italian antiglobalization protesters
the last analysis
Dental Problems
super barrio mothers
A Clean-Living Cow
Sumo Vs. Grizzly Bear Super Wrestling
forced organ donors
Bat Feets
overall planning
the young hegelians
those opposed
german chancellor gerhard schröder
the well-known opening sentence
this is not a mere theoretical abstraction
the fairground weightlifters
what's happening to me
Pootie Tang Divx
Am I Ukraine?
Real Pimps (album: Shat Upon By Real Pimps, Shat Upon By...)
The Final Solute
The Abandoned Soviet Project Blocks
The Idle Midwestern Teens
Sow Noy Pra Prang
Amphetamine-Fueled Rampage
Taco Sauce Blindness
Whose Fingers
A Duck
Considered a Delicacy
Disabled Toilets
Counterfeit Mongolian Money
bodybag rappers with syphilis
self free talk
croatian hammer skins
queen latviah
The So-Called Mao Tse-Tung
this administration
up up down down left right left right b a b a start (pronounced: The Konami Code)
the parents of a brain-damaged florida woman
the alleged molestation
sniff list
ho's bib
mastodonald trump tower of powerslave to the system of a down syndrome
tracheautomated messages
abnormal growth
pants pants revolution (taken)
the nativity scenesters
big-ass ascii heart
braille instructions
my medical nightmare
paula abdul's medical nightmare
gorgeous and affordable
gut-wrenching tragedy
What Pat Morita
Karate Kid 14
I'm Completely Deaf
Famis Selebritys Druglords
Stoned Chest Boxing
MC Emily Bronte - I Write in Coptic
MC King Alfred - I Rhyme in Old Saxon
Rotary Dialers
Preserved in an Alligator
The Sounds of a Radio Telescope
The Foam Endocrine
Karl Hungus
14 Meters of Pig Intestine
The World's Largest Vermin Collection
The Search for the Fattest Man on Earth
New Zimbabwe
King Squid vs. Lobster Therminador
The Carter Administration
MC Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbyist
average ontario family
um not really
rubbadubba saints
bad day keung
tommy münchen
idroit squalor
samba è amor
a week in abidjan
collaborate great-grabarate
fall on the cone
craving poo
habanero eyedrops
linguica diaphagm
oh hondariliium (album: conjugate the molest me)
no jeeeef committee
the activist mayors
federal regulations
kosovo five-star religion
the poison okies
our white counterparts
my hapa haole hula girly girl
the bike store
my english
master f***
wong kar-why??!!
calcium, rhyme + lust
sine cosine + tangent (album: don't bring a cold chinchilla to kisingani or scoff at the kaballa to a kabul kitten)
a ball of placenta (album: bo loved ko's chinchilla, ok, if, oh golly, the copper collar was a kabul kitten's)
u r hott
quando todos santa clara
nautical miles davis love the third rock from the son of sammy davis junior gong
insufficient system resources
nuke passé
Ruthell Thimminth (album: Real Pimpth)
haitian wagons
ull-jibble janna
in and of itself
not withstanding
poorly-compensated karjulaad (album: let's get movin')
psychic ho
if my memory serves me
the snierf nazis
hey congo lo conga
terra de samba è pandeiro
definite theme
domestic discontentment
the pen 15 club
les cartouches
the actual physical chunks
sun chi-ah goo
sausage lainda
am hope dies
kim jong-il fetishists anonymous
skrom luroc
As Dope Highs
Dope-ass Highs
the dump
anchorage? ack!!
hononolululu? hi!!
the distinct possibilities
the weaponized psychedelics
compost grungy
sun-bleached back to the future box
the gassed haitians
the teddy graham amputees
the clifford band-aids
the like crazy stamens
projekt zukunft
the grahamputees
the tragic dance-camp teens
the soddy billionaires
future 86
news of my arrival
the high-texodus
cheap flights to magnitogorsk
just war
the quintessence
fuck life
fuck seaside (album: How the Fuck Do We Get Inside This Big-Ass Tree??)
goysai OH! anathizm
the human filth parade
amish live fuck webcam
and erotic
drtch bobx and the confirmed suspicions
as intended
pig hugglestones (taken)
boisterous omissions
extended massive orgasm
how to beat hormone havoc
send flowers to vorkuta
compare online diplomas
fuckin' WINDY
in fucking focus
hahaha è noise
the food allergic consumers
U.S. crude oil futures
the primary care providers
missle zhivvy goh zhivvy boneyard
schlai mong
In Retrospect (album: Lighting the Match)
insult to injury
have you no respect for the dead
sig själv
les faux amis
man overbored
mrs. barney
barney's lunch
the snæ leppids (album: wo' byu'ifoo kets)
el elculdgae
i'm boarding this plane
all intensive purposes
unbeknownst to me
not as i do
bicentennial bitch
apopsicle now
the finites
the portugeezers
the salvador/runts
hapyaku alphabet
coro-fucking-nado bitches
a fish called wanda sykes hot springs to mind over matter of fact or fictional account balance beam me up scotty pippen
unknown failure
unfinished research facility
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2004|05:12 am]
[Current Mood |cynical.]

the home equity lines of credit
black guy pees
the unexploded ordinances
n.u.t: no uncertain terms
approximate sore
natural blur dog
my jiznoid
t.h.c.: the human cost
415 verbal
the incestalopods
to markko's masturbation
unfair labor practices
pucker up and suck it (album: before i f*** your f***)
john roberts' paper trail
the muitobrigade
toad 13
vaginal discharge (all-girl cover band)
das TV-duell
the distinguishing placards
the beans of decency
poi trekk
the long-dead nazca skulls
the organic debris
s.t.d.: severe tire damage
oblong western nim
orenthal james
1965 Tornado Zadar 1965
mike rotch
allegations by the hague
the fugitive nazi war criminals
total defecation
georgi gongadze's headless body
busted for possession
the field
tæni bleh
apa kabar, bo
model end clearance
Van or astro-van?
metering lights are on (album: backed up all the way to the maze)
still slow-going northbound
still sluggish on the approach
Sko (new music genre, on-beat guitar jinks and off-beat drums)
gay & dead
the demonstratives
the U-Haul blankets
blind cougar-mellencamp
jus de jeune noix de coco
transparinsect grease stalina
the domestic 8
forty flaws
g. bombom deng
gay as fuck productions
black booger job
hollow bush
the dountain Dewbie brothers cazimero
homeless by choice (album: newt gingrich aside)
Jingle Ma
Bob Barker vs. Estonia
Nondescript Man (album: It's OK, I'm a Doctor)
Kick Dockman
Tie Crop Sick
Sigh Crop Tick
Cry Top Sick
Tie Sop Crick
Pepto Motherfucking Bismol + Kim Jong Ill (ft. Diabetez) (album: Stone
Cold Retarded)
Mr Natwarlal
The Gum Arabic with Leonid Buchla
Alfred "Acetate" Pfig-Bunson
MC Horticulture "Lay Off My Dill" VS. MC Hydroponics Retailer "Lampin'"
Human Testing
Sir Ronald Arthur Crumb-Flexidisc-Chimpanzee-Quinn
Philip Lionel John-Kool-Aid-Alloy Williams
Rhymes Straight Out The Hypothalamus
Fundamental Opposition
DJ Kodiak Bear (45: A side "Talkin' Shit" B side "I Am Wack")
The Money B Shoutout
DJ Colossal Olmec Head (album: Germanic Urban Torture)
The Nastiest Game of B-Ball
Coked Up, Overactive 70s Funk Bassists
Illegal Boggle Match
Guys in bird costumes
Moving furniture
The acrobatic body language called "breaking"
Shea Stadium Assault
Dopple Gangsters
Doppler Gang
who is going to pay for this...
Botswana Paramilitary Force
This goddam menu is in French
Eass Coass
Electro-funk Therapy
Late Nights in Aptos
Don't Shoot, I'm American!
Hydrogen Substation
Cottage Cheese in a Plastic Bag
That Koala is Vicious
Pyramid Made of Buffalo Skulls
San Bruno Nights
Mutilated/Annihilated Alien
In the Seclusion of My Jungle Laboratory
Special On-PCP Guest Appearance
Take Your Eyeballs Out
Une Creamy Boswell
Hydrolated Man
Ape Fighting League
The Gaboon Viper
Burned by Vinyl Seating
i cream egg WHITES
Hillsborough Balling
CD-ROM Technology
Planet of the Apes Memorabilia
Mannequin Rappers
Competitive Eating
The Cartridge
"Olaf" (album: The Nonsense)
My Tone Loc Tapes
Hate Totally
Spank Guard
MC Yannig
The Cocaine Chemist
eventual reintroduction
when yao ming was twelve
converted to vineyards
rusty thresher (album: dedicated to the preservation of vintage farm equipment)
the partisan witchhunts
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2003|05:15 am]
Really Loud Taiwanese Business News
Castle Demolishers
I Destroy Old Masonry
I Trash Plaster Walls
Another Goddamn Bhangra Beats CD, Jesus Christ
Phone Death
Stung In Face
The UPS Uniform
The Foam is Sticking to My Afro
Massive Libyan Underground Pipe Network
Ol' DeciBel
I am a Sound Scientist
It's Happening in Soledad* (*If by happening you mean junkyards & state prison)
Thank You, Ants. Thants.
Dr Photograph
"Ming" - merciless?
Emeryville Paint Factories of the 1970s (album name: Eggshell White)
Is This Warren G?
Unstoppable Sumo
Tim's Tree-Trimming Team
Nauseous, Saber-Rattling Anti-Japanese Propaganda
Duh pig krouhs
Bowel Disaster
He Harvests Young Boys
Doing the Crip-Walk in a Diaper
Low-Flying Airplanes
Tongan Democracy
Cocaine River
Kampala Roller-Skate Gang
Oakland Pinball Mafia (taken by a bar event)
Shingle (album name: Him Get Manteca)
Jill Lonn and the Beast Side Oi's
Kway Jon
Crew de Lis (hint: not pronounced French)
Pastor Me
Poo Talk
Nothing Wrong With Eating Dog
Craft Fair Fuckers
Sugar Glazed Head Wounds
You're gonna have to...suck the poison out
Cheguoy DJ!
We successfully impregnated a baleen whale
Fish-Lipped Gestapo Officers with Round Spectacles
Feed crunchy toast to vicious chimpanzee
I'm not one of them
Sometimes...when I'm alone-
Mei-Ah VCD
The Pelican
Guess What - I Pierced My Eyeballs
Guys in Grey Suits, Fezzes and Sunglasses
Guangdong Province - Rocking the Special Economic Zone
Newly Mastered Classic Vomit Noises, Vol. 3.
Celebrity Vomit: Vomit Recordings Vol. 4.
Enormous Coke Jock
Pohl ski
That Bostic Kid is Going Places
I study marsupials
Steve Kong
Backwards Carnival Music
The Aggro-crag
The Cops
Why can't I get rid of all these goddamn Stutzes!
I got croptic
"Doc" Kickman and his Sick Lackers
MC Aquatic Invertebrate "Big Krill"
Mariachi Gangster Epics
98.9 ESTEREO SOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 92.3 LA
PRECIOSAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 93.3 LA BUENAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Arm Pit Music
Oregon Sorghum Communes
Leopold Benjamin Crack-hour
Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm Wilhelm Friedrich
Turning Gabonese
Dead Insect Collection
Cut With a Knife
Poked, Scraped, and Tickled
Slapped in the Back of the Head
Pummeled by Reggae
I Will Mildly Irritate You
Bitten by Mosquitos
Pit of Furbies
Skull Full of Lucky Charms
Entrails Ripped From A ...Turkey
Covered With Dandruff
Devoured by Mermen
Strom Thurmond
Baz Luhrmann
Mark Furman
I Walk In Unbelievable Slow Motion
Shot on location in cremoata
strobe photographs of a sneezing man
This isn't the Howard Johnson's!?
Musty Pablum
moi nem is choles
BBC Weld
that basketball player who looks like a fetus
tell me everything you know about cripwalking
I'm worse than Shatner
Dung Futures
Whotalists tell us!
Ruthell Thimmonth "Real Pimpth"
Stud Detector
Ziberlay - real??
Vijay Doormat
How could she hoe my hano ming out of the gods of the world?
the umbrellas of cherbourg
try as they may
the bones of contention
the repatriates
the suedophiles
the good looks
poi ghost
the goovie gruelies
these allegations
fazed wrist
the equivelant
papa ROTC
bach's set
a case of mistaken identity
john voigt cheppa chich
poor foxes
smear campaign contributions
unspeakable youths
junior jihad kids klub
jens svensson (jack johnson parody band, swedish accent singing parody lyrics of swedish tourist travelogue, ending with being drowned by the
kamakaz.z. top 40 oz. to freedom fries
sigtuna desbloqueadas y luego
la contrapción
ukelelegästboken tackar!
hey little guy (molester voice)
i am going to fucking murder you (album: this is not a fucking joke)
the spectre of megacorruption scandals
the shi'a procession
an MSF spokesperson
a vocal minority
the strictly plutonic
at why did she do it
here comes the judge judy blumenau and later
james mason
by no fault of his own
chapter wurlitzer vasquez
pooky G
fuck fuck fuck
makeshift memorial
european-style matress system
matress system 13
mulletproof bonk
a seemingly endless cycle of violence
help me
russia is back
all-new episodes of 'vegas'
the most dependable longest-lasting trucks on the road
we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused
the undivided attention
amidst allegations of fraud
duck tales: the bleeding
the embattled presidents
no enemy of anonymity for anenome femininity
ann, tom and adam's anatomic autumn and automatic atoms
bla bla polyester (album: shalom cheese ester)
commienazi you're no
knobbo (hint: the lead sänger of U2)
rusty blinds (busta parody)
the persian paris hilton
the twin yang yins
a one warlus
death wish wish death two, two
yuppie chicks (album: no mercy)
my abilities
dull harpoon
i am not going to apologize
einhorn is finkle
redemption schlong
take a dump on head
so i's fuckin her, right
so i's balls deep in this fourteen yearold, right
H homewrecker I idiot J jackass
irrespective of origin
leach field
a marriage of quality and convenience
lafuckface records
the H-5 N-1 strain
buy cinq fuji
another evacuee
colorful commentary
crusty rinds
custard pies
dusta grimes
you say it's the froot loops (album: laguna seca)
structural integrity
two thais, a briton and a filipino
nita whatever
searchlight pyongyang
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2002|05:16 am]
an ancient land tenure system
all my nunavumut peeps
whacko fung
fuck liberals
rate my gas mask
feather hong
the franjo tudjman impact
guilty as fuck
dig that traction
stone mulina bueno (album: oh yes the search goes on mañana for arare)
stoned militares
bonds' doping regiment
the topical creamsicles
bodily jank G
on the position on homosexuality in the new draft programme
snob hish
the meat-hehhs
husy-ursy (album: for me an aumnitzeel)
excepts from her testimony
the pockets of resistance
the residual effects
ass-scratchin' liberache deng (album: corinthian fussy yodel deng)
mack miss brook
the thickdongs
part and parcel
hello lip them lip them
the pedestriphiles
ugni molinae
dont't go to school: stay a fool
the truth about HIV, AIDS and you
the botched facelifts
cocksauce-only diet
europe's angry, young muslims
fist dumplings
i'm one of those porno fascists, living in a plastic train
well i be bakin' pasties penis-breath pasties baking me
you have been warned
clinging to wreckage
thank you for not smoking opium dental planet of the apes
scorruption candles
bin & scones
nuff as tails
$hoe tort
refused comment
the notoriously tempermental loners
speculative, sexually biased gossip fabricated by fawning or furious
no rock unturned
fates conspire
testicular manslaughter
for reasons that are unknown
taxes and universal cost-recovery fee extra
G.I. Yigh
luso-finnic relations
mother prussia
play icehead music (album: disarray gay music)
i'd like the-use, of-your-shark suit
thuh krishjins
reggae my forsythe
india's latest unwanted daughter
harangue havana banana RAH sachem (album: welsh engorge amsterdam ambulators escher)
i love to conjugate flamingoes (album: aquele abraço)
nippon safety
disproportionate amounts of fatalities
side effects are generally mild
inside whitney's drug den
lol smartass
fuck sports montages
these men were intentionally exposed
unspecified error
extreme ejaculate (pron. e-JA-kyu-lt)
about the left hand
a routine traffic stop
the alternateen nicknack peddlers
israel's right to exist
cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed
last sunday's snap elections
leper porn
ex-aspiration: masturbation unto exacerbation
lacerated face-off deng (album: generations)
the temporary elusive deng (album: celebrations)
these clothes (disclose cover-band)
wheat cyst team (skitsystem cover-band)
honk if you see him
two schwabs and their chinese caddy and michelle's boyfriend and my old man
bristol meth
premium fantasy
human development index
monterey heavyscene
workers of the world, UNTIE! album: shoelace-core
edgar allen phô
blobbo deluxe
barney carnage
arashi man po
close quarters
tox screen negative
excessive bleeding
lovers in evolution
poetry by american indian bitches
beyond this point
the bassist from 'the donnas' (cult of personality)
bartolomea vcd
sinister smooncia
feline danzig (album: gdansk cos we are freaks)
the as-builts
where my sympathy lies
dude and the that's hella gay orchestra
might this sound chiche?
open-assed hobble skirt
yes, esse: say, 'yay, s.a. essay, ace!'
rub some cocobutter on my stomach, ONG.
31 hour 900 number marathon
snärt svö
moqtada al-sadr the 3.5 megahertz crystal out
the lusophonies (all fake portuguese lyrics)
sinophone-sex (album: self-free talk)
the fucked-up rhombus orchestra
the sizz mom pings
chiff chiff pop pop snewey
la chambre d'isolation
i'm ready for my close-up
rattan drama (album: lampooning the entreprenurial instincts of the ibo
bulimian rhapsody
drtch bobx vs. local merchants
the trunkated northings
quick, hide your bling
bhopal 360º
von mertens
sloth guts
box symphony
the nominal caucasians
the cock-asians
i shat on the sheriff
lettuce dance
diarrhea madman
hamakua da noite
a jack knifed big-rig blocking the entire roadway
mc poo-butt junk
jockocracy A.D.
the pernambucan sociologists
sir mc hammre
meth-head man
shit black caucus
get rich or try dyin'
jim wurst who knows
any kong errors
mei-ah skinhead gang
the ficticious tenures
bahia soup kitchen
c.h.e: complex hypothetical emergencies
the absent last
such a prodigious appetite (album: mebbe you hef a tapeworm)
u.s.a have bill clinton
the mazatlan shuffle
flightdeck quando
searchlight gisele
soft-spot boombahia
popping whiteheads on acid
the piss shivers
jürgen klinsmann
a really toothy blowjob
my disposal
check out my self-dodge
tenho blah do lado do lá
prostate winkie
life expectancy
fratricide saudade
beyond fucked
tundra boneyard
abuse mechanism
the ill-equipped students
yamagata prefecture
presumed dead
kooshball fetish
spicy green lip mussel
black tobiko
son of puta
undying nada
bottle E. jank G.
tyrolly polio vaccenester
defensive wounds

their historic nemeses
the reuse of this material
before the bulldosers come
howlon bay
billions of dollars worth of scientific refuse
the delicate art of demolition
peripheral damage
the arsenal that we use
big sombrero stadium
the skybox is a different story
safety is our number one concern
i beat my wife
St. Moo DeMonde
all for a spoonfull of borsch
the heirs-apparent
assorted droppings
'rhoid rage (haemrhoids)
knot the node
fucked-up jail pong
you are number 6
i found pieces of don cheadle in my taco
the average age of an associate district attorney in new york city
batman smells
the head of the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog agency the i.a.e.a.
adverse affection
shut up lenore i'll handle this
to be announced
the worth-questioners
the mild to severe abdominal aches
hydroseed enema
mad cfa francs
engulfed by milano crumbs
19 hrs. GMT
the rebel incursion
the streets of n'djamena
the international community
the only man convicted in the united states in connection with the attacks on september the eleventh
criminal non-assistance
tabitha soren (cult of personality)
parminder's dipthongs (cult)
michael phelps deathsquad
that may be the case
the daily outrages
i have an adjustable wrench
glistening D12
sausage tutankhamon
poke weiner på kvinnor
animal house of paine stewart little rascal flat tyra banks of the riverboat people of the sunburningman on the moonrock and roll the dissecting a frog in my throat cancer of the colon powell skateboardroom with a view to a kill the drugdealership that cut across the waves of paine stewart... (repeat ad nauseum)
the gunkyard jiang
kelka shows
norwegian mediators in sri lanka
the international community
iran's controversial uranium-enrichment program
my body
who DOESN'T stick carrot sticks into their nostrils
fruit punch made with real fruit fruit roll real fruit snack
the groomed sucessors
the league of oversexed heiresses
kcbs newstime 9:32
romano prodi's centre-left coalition
metro dade police
the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world today
helena handbasket
the cubicle diners
the lance armstrong charity bracelet fetishists
the viking sex cruises
hyacynthia nixon administration of the vaccene of the crime wave of fear of a black planet of the apes
the horizon of bourgeois right
are you worried about implementation?
it'll be one of their few pleasant memories when they're pulling rickshaws for a living
pröpclash frogsniff
nagflömm crickslagg
windward to mauka showers
a good positive mental attitude
i tell of nago's end
it grieves us that a demon has come from our tribe
sandy eggo
kalihi substation
competitive eating
if i hear one more coach say 'dealing with adversity'...
mc serbs
ganjaweed militias
a grand theory of everything
the rungle in the jumble
scrublic putiny
master poon
fucking kids these days
perhaps you need a refresher course
inadmissable evidence
if that's any consolation
the bealeguered italian football champions
antique crotchlove
cocksniff filthplag
tembladero slough
croddy kid
i wabt teh deth
the joinville dilemma
impaled by churro
hellacious G
fuck no bitch
nothing could be further from the truth
'zine ophelia
a one-nill win over togo in holland on sunday
coconut willie (album: see his opu swing)
some french bitch
w.m.d: white middleclass dweebs
we get like 2 stations
a spiderweb of secret detention centres
thick vicky
the copenhagen criteria
the velvet divorce
khyber 'nate' scabies
nah dude nah
poorfolk 9
the erratic 8
badmouthin' the administration
paradoxical inspiration
the pleasure of drinkin' cow's milk in the desert
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2001|05:18 am]
They Modified Its Musculature
Methane Resources
A Chiefly-Animatronic Bush Sr.
Tore His
Terminally Boring-Ass Vietnamese-American Avant-Garde Short Films
Raw Opium
Wo Fat
Siliceous G
Biogenous T
Fiber Optic Cable
Shoot Me Some Hadjis
Dick Bagwell (album name: Swollen)
Wi-ah Bictums
Online Nabisco Ping Pong
Basque Whalers
Welcome To My Wax Museum
My Gong
Quest For Death
Stay-Fukt Marshmallow Man
Marshmeloz In Ya Mouth
The Only Marshmallow Fetishist
Brixton 1981
12 Years Old 1989
Deep In The Metro System
Cobra Fighting Rings
Cigars of the Pharoah
Brutal Halal Slaughter
Inside the Legendary "Body Farm"
Massive Open-Air Abattoir
When I Was Two
Meanwhile In A Nedlloyd Shipping Container In The South China Sea
Slow Motion Raw Onion Eating
My $18 Witty T-Shirt Collection
Totally Edgy
A Former Mr Asia Drug Boss
Back Behind Bars For Drug Dealing
DIY Liposuction
Wellington Zoo's Alpha-Male Baboon
What The Fuck, Charles!?
Delhi Metro Anti-Monkey Monkey (for real look it up)
Man Excretes 48 Cocaine Wraps In Nigeria
the conditions in these coolie houses
the bombardment of afula
sri lanka's most effective bowler
keppa mai maka sulawesi aina
turks's clue
origami porn
bathing in phish live cds
larsson larsson
ozomätli crüe
microdermabrasive wheels
reduction tables
two faces or a vase
bona petit
nouveau rags
nice shoes and the wanna fuck orchestra
the scale of the disaster - both human and environmental - is still being asessed
chair noble 86
the united states
brother hezekiah
gaseous clay
whacks eloquent
delusions of manjula
turn that fucking music off, white boy
jesus jävla cristos
8 days of total cricket
givaddhoga bhoan
hum the lyric köln gyanksta
officials from iran, india, and pakistan
diet tribe
ahn-sang coochie (worst pun ever.)
chronic diahhrea severe abdominal pain urgent need for a bathroom
rectal bleeding (album: aging gracefully)
a senior american military official
who dickie
moy naem is gnarls
ah kam: story of a stuntwoman
serse punse
inferno tropical
tel aviv to shut the FUCK UP
moderate arab nations
holland days
my own little wartime odyssey
Local Reggae Artist
Anti-Doping Boss
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Pole-Dancing Mishap
A Visibly Stoned Castro
Rum Bung Nah
Business Man
Unlicensed Cab Driver
Seven Million Copies of Some Shit
Brain Foam
Gamble Putty
Bonn, Germany
The Kurdish Pervert (You Gave Your Number To The Kurdish Pervert??)
Farm Combine Hackers
Book Clubbing
Another Night In the Slammer
Fragile Mariachi Singers
Through The Miracles of Modern Science It's Now Physically Possible (to blow smoke up ass?)
Daunil Slyji - Grebeji Boorje
Peanut Butter Straight Out Of The Jar
Holdin' Pistols
Nathan Dunbar is a total
I'd straight up just eat a dolphin, I don't give a fuck
Fat guy eating huge burger
Jean-Jacques Perrey - Still Crunk
Guy in bowler hat & gas mask (?!)
Mexican pro wrestling mask - not a sex thing, nor robbery related
Dalton Trumbo putting his fists through a glass door
Fatal rug burns
The soft-top convertible ripper - 19.95
Love, sasquatch style
Dominican Republicans: Hyphy Kills
The Worst TV Show of All Time (celebrity news program.)
Nobody cares about your architecture project
That guy who injects saline into his face: "Tragic Burst"
As Bob Hope Lay Dying
His Jurgen
Weird Old-Time Jewish Show-Biz Jokes (album: Seltzer! Seltzer!)
The Grandpaw Hole
Balding San Franciscans With Web Blogs
The Heaviest Band Ever
Dead People In The House
My Overmodulating Mic
Cold Cream Fiends
Dune Bogglers
Hollywood Depictions of Arabs
Zendagi No Yo Ah
Them Shits (album: Man Convicted of DIY Castration of Horse)
Drainage Ditch
Savage Butt Cherry
Too Funk to Cruck
The Guy Who Writes Usher Songs
Born Into Broth
Blood Oceans
Foam Rules
The Old Gits RULE
My Cleats (album name: Your Face)
Build Me A Body
The Old School of Racism
Internet "Author" - Let Me Harangue You About Copyright Law For An Hour
80 Half-Melted Corpses Being Fed to Sharks
Rocking With Roland Alphonso
Force-Fed Steamed Tomatoes
Aingo Lademo Pig Drop Up On You Meh
Mint Shits
Drunk, Brawling Cops
Tiny Tim Is Gangster As Hell
Alone On A Raft With 1000 Spider Monkeys
Seriously How Much More Trance Music Has To Get Made
Whiny, Nasal Folk Rock (Ode To Portland)
This Ain't Mothafuckin LL Cool J
Forget It This Sucks
Hutt Hospital
the bony exorcist
the artifucks
cold pavillion knife
undertwat cat sank seaset wheat nifties
industries quarter of sink who says hechy ought to know v-days
infiltrate for fem-sex: who oughtta kneel, t.o.?
the what the hell people
where are you located
g-bop a luau
let's go back to when the Beales were Whig and the Fords were Bat
happy gilmore girls gone wild wild west indecent exposure to the sun of sammy hagar the horrible
drtch bobx vs. shrill feminist attorneys
dick death
the tail-end of the crisis
the honourable soppapomankin
huit heure gadzooks
straight up yamma-jamma
homogyny huit heure
poundeded into dust
the notified next-of-kins
aunt agonism
cream applied by a disgruntled masseur
my experience with carribean sex tourism
R.K. ick
bound grief
our hastily-dressed heroes
the obscure emirates
space of AIDS
no and the shit sherlocks
nah and the dude nahs
tropical depression 5
antique rice
the umpire at the centre of a test match row
E.C. some new
GHB mugshot fetishists anonymous
sausage ventura
more irish kids breakdancing
the result of foreign agitators
have been killed
nimrod recovery plane
RAF nimrod
the district of panshwai
a spokeman for the secretary general
iran's supreme leader
the california kings
the union of islamic courts which controls much of southern somalia including its capital moqadishu
the biggest massacre since tiananmen
the sucker of essence
soul absorber
sexual and other assaults
older fathers
peaceful landscapes and liberal values
some ordinance
second set six love
an inanimate object or the suspect's genitals
boney day
perverse blend
james blake
the security situation in southern afghanistan
some muslims
a quel reagan a quel lunar
stigg e. ponce men i själv WHAT!
graduation day at cambodia's school of prosthetics and orthotics
death and destruction on an unimaginable scale
by the same token
europe's aerospace juggernaut
the reiterated apologies
strong thurmond
rancid pools of entrails
a formal call for resumption
Death To Chris Blackwell
An Embarrassingly-Wooden Gong Li
And I'm All (And She's Like)
Illegal Underwater Table Tennis Chamber
The Sizable Gastropod
The Same Old Shit
Ma Griw
My Death
Christian But You WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW
Gene Scholl On Death List
My Own Production Company
Straight Outta The Sharon Green Dumpster
1993 Mangas
Duck Ministers
Not A House (album name: Yes)
Ice-T/Mike Tyson/Ladies' Man *VS* Silverchair Guy/Don Diego/Beatbox
The Intense-Looking Asians Holding Cigarettes
The Taping of Norm Macdonald's New Sitcom
The Incubus-Sampled Bollywood Vocalists
The Stiff, Piggy-Eyed Executive Branch
Open, Raw Sewage Pools
Difficult Procedure
Grueling Round of Surgeries
obscene balloon animals
Thai Coup
The Hungarian Prime Minister
Pope Benedict Converts To Islam
Gay French Formula 1 Driver
Buck Fitch
Custard Drinker
Oh God My Head
100 400
I Sell Cats
Poo Butt Junk (Ugly Jerk) (Fatso Butthead Stinky)
Jew Butt Punk
Nepalese Beetle Owners
The German Ambassador
Oh God Here We Go
Cheaply Made Moog Pop Covers
White Underground Rappers
Watching That Skeleton Dance Cartoon While Stoned Out Of Our Gourds
Me, Kong
Caltransvestites (taken)
President Bush's "War on Frightening"
A Drunken Man
President Bush's "War on Frightening a Drunken Man"
In The Mashed Potatoes
President Bush's "War on Frightening a Drunken Man in the Mashed
Malaysian Road Deaths
Representative Steve Kong
DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ (album: For God's Sake Shut Up)
Heroin Party Rockers
Burger King Parking Lot Rockers
9-Year-Old Breakdance Crew
Mature Adults
3 Mountain Bike Tires
Obscure Sexual Innuendo
Maybe I Can Kill It
Down's Syndrome Rockers
Corned Mega
The Consumption (Died of the Consumption)
Wuss Wiff Diss
Escalation to Bleeding Eyes, Screaming and Finally Nature Footage
You'll Be Gargling
30-Song Corporate Loop
Indie Rockers Who Like Lee "Scratch" Perry For No Goddamn Reason
Alaskan Vibraphonist
Duck Stockist
My Fist (album name: Your Face)
Shot Dead In West Bank
Deep Space Helicopter Commander
Toilet Brush
Return To Death: RELOADED
Retarded Pot Heads
Who's Down For Civil Unrest?
Sun-Baked Dead Manzanita
Encyclopedic "Cracked" Collection
Chinese Fugitive
The Diamond Business
People Who Drink (The Continent of Africa)
Limerick Contest Grand Champions
Bobby Knight Style
A Short History of Tar Balls
Water Balloon My Ass
UNNNNGGH (must be whiny nasal rock in order to be said by whiny nasal indie rock college radio djs)
The Guys In Their Late 30s Who Make Weirdly Adolescent Poop-Rock
Who Will Win - Kung Fu
To Drank
speed dating (album: get in the fucking car)
trout massage
like-minded mints
on the question of disturbances created by small numbers of people
japanese death poems
bad deer
legume a praia
unexplained bacon
cowabunga shredhead
and that's a big if
suedehead jamboree
you fat fuck
known football hooligans
stupid cow
bra you smoke iceplant?
nackskott pricklord
commie flip
you're fucked
corner bulldog
(whisper into ear during intimacy) 'i wanna hear you change your name to albert camus'
i don't understaaaaand
three beheaded christian schoolgirls
a dutch-moroccan lawyer and an indonesian waitress
reiterated historic mutual recognition statements
party machine
the sack bli
why a london ambulance driver can't stop grinning
can i say you didn't warn me?
yaphet kotto (cult)
teen daughter suicide nightmare
good morning amerikkka
what are salamanders?
suspiciously round numbers
fetish eyes
old man with turquoise jewelry fetishists anonymous
snumumumuf snimuf cra
boat shiela
you have one week to get your affairs in order
allt är skit
manuelito diaper landslide
boots: model's own
soap dick
lama no-boob
pieces of botched tokyo pertodo
a chengdu attitude
for fuck's sake
birth of resoduction
hysterical anti-georgian campaign
the forests of nisene marks
caught dead
see and the i'm on the zoloft thing right orchestra
altered wheat
whacking trails (hint: spooner)
while the exact mechanism is unknown
drtch bobx vs. the 0-4 laughing stocks
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2001|05:17 am]
bord work
ethnic papuans
our man on the ground
self-imposed moratorium
caught and shilled
prepaid to meet your gigabang
smig e. balls
duff patty
con 'shuffy' poems
cleric apton
paulina, the apalling nepali
go wif dem
why the swiss are celebrating
paulina, the apalling nepali, pulling paul from the na pali to napoli
brutal counterinsurgency
fear of reprisals
hun. hun.
it's all about the me beating the fuck out of you if you say 'it's all about the...' one more time
slight emphasis on 'die'??!!!
grunge illusão
drtch bobx's gritty-waterbottlecap orchestra
a picture of blanca with clint
klingon fluency exam
unexpect the expected
the openly gay bishops
deathcrust grande explosão
i ran because i was hungry for turkey and grease
i'm standing next to a bus in lagos
u whroe!!!! ur a suck; a fucikng sult!!
rocked by rapecorrespondental planet of the apes
who's chinchilla did bo love, and under what circumstances?
x,x,,x,x,x,xxx,x,, ganja este
by god that reagan's doing one helluva fine job
teeming with inaccuracies
the hungarian people have had enough
maybe spike has some mead
defeating this enemy will require sacrifice
within reason
the latest series of attacks
seductive wagnerian grandeur
there's no way the gambians funded this themselves
blunt force trauma
dzuki no yo ah melancholy
the search for spockrock hard absynthia nixon administration
two-state solution
not literally of course
at predetermined intervals
the viable alternatives
orenthal jamesburger king kong's market streetwalker texas ranger's baseball tonight
ya elsquer day
three hots and a cot
please do not unwrap manga!
quit hitting splares
minor incursion
Health Risk Criminals (album: Murdering a Man)
Jaded Public Servants
Shih-lo Fliesh
At the Pencil Factory
Carlos Shit Taste Wong
Traina Jeow (album: Yeaihida)
My Cockles
check out my old school
exploding upon re-entry
fright quankly
increased tensions
in the throws
part & parcel
in absentia
uncontrollable mirth (victorian accent)
my ingushetian girl
mmm... acrimony
the routine physicals
tehran's chief nuclear negotiator
ronald raygun
this impass
the indigents
the castranos
the division
waga dugu
soul diesel daddy
death from above
split the diff
sock it to me, zhang zi-yi
hasbro eternity
penisultimate's latest blog entry
the palestinian authority
mouth park
everytime hope lays dying today
rise against me
the googled ex-boyfriends
animal cops houston
mi bloddy nif
the old gun
the environment
elements in pakistan
maize muincy spinciago halifax
your shao lin stick fight
ancient casa del flokh
chung in teak
drumming up support for my candidate
Elaborate Carving of Humping Pigs
How Do Octopuses Do It
Died in the Ball Bin
Desiccated Cropse
It's Seriously Coming Out
Most Amphipods
Dump Truck Full of Live Coconut Crabs
Popcorn for Breakfast (album name: In My Lexus)
Mollusc Cream
Harmlessly Quirky Animated Children's Programs
Shut Up You Guy
Bob Seger Rally Championship
Opera Porn
Doogie Brown Productions
Code X E
Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Multi-Level-Marketers
Russian Big Eye Club
Party Laxatives (Let's Party Hard and Take Huge Dumps)
I'm A Cop
My Daewoo
Shampooing (pronounced shom-pwong)
JIKIJSJJKLKJLKLS (pronounced Jah-Nay)
Why All The Excrement Jokes
Tashkent Dumplings
Porpoise Fuck
Death Camp Tourists
Cash Money Trillionaires
You Don't Get Cable?!
What Is This, Communist China?
I Shot Omar Sharif (But I Did Not Shoot Gerard Depardieu)
Moose Movements
Scorpion From Mortal Kombat
Duck Hronic
Shaolin Dumps
Trappist Gangsta Rap
insatiable inferiority
toxic fourold superfreakout
the accent lapse
the hendelen
the hehnehneh kehsembleh
oh yeah like five huns
luk ho dong
proposed impervious coverage
meth dong
frosted the 'hole
bouglia clun
discontinued fine jewelry event
east bay business times
what if steve westley was right?
dear doctor z
glasswear, kids... usually not a good mix (album: especially if you're by the pool or something)
geneticist guilty of molestation
I Removed My Gloves
doctor rice's intentions to solidify a principled ceasefire
cheech marin's chicano vision
illuminati skank
barbara streisand: the lost performances
brinkley breakup teen anorexia confession
face amnesia
camp delta
don't 'oh mum' me
failed dynamic link library initialization routine
instinct rehearsal nightmare
dry rough cracked feet
stop spouting those hackneyed quips
right wing paramilitary forces
the arrest of a chief executive in texas
the use of force
unrated l.a. gang luxury
one of our consistent criticisms
drtch bobx and the monumental failure is the best band name ever orchestra
tensions as the d.r.c. gets ready for crucial elections
some of the world's primary food producers
Coral Nutrition
DOM (dissolved organic matter)
My Polyps
Oh Christ What Now
I Isolate And Consume Toxic Nematocysts (album: PMOW On The Rocks)
Multi Dinero
Save That Shit For Court
Glued to the Wall With Oatmeal
The Oatmeal Gun
The Welch's Grape Juice Kid (album name: WAR, DEATH, HORROR, DESTRUCTION)
Urchin Explosion
MC Shit
I Seen It
Cold Jugglin'
Nose Slice
Hammer Cripple
Prescription Drug Jokes
Hassled By Hasselblad (album: God Damn Medium Format)
Blabber Kong (a: Cracked Out)
It Was An Anti-Drug Thing !
Cactus Fuck
The Cake Mix
Mr Schwab
The Volga
Lipstick + Catfish
If You're A Dog Who Does Street Drugs (You'll Fuckin' Die Eh)
Benthic Organism
Bullshit Cheap-shot Retro Nostalgia Band
100% James Brown Samples
8 Excruciating Hours With Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 70)
Hooting and Whistling College-Age Youths
The Formation
Shotput Your Doo-doo
Yang Kee Fruit & Vege (Go Home)
Buried In Seaweed
Hello Al-Azeem
The Animals of the Mesopelagic
And A Liver Transplant
Light-Emitting Suckers
Sex In The Deep Sea
I Pierced My Aorta (album name: AM I COOL NOW?!?!?!?!?!?)
Eye Gumball
Necro-terrorism (it is midnight on a tropical island)
Manhole Resonance Orchestra
His Techno-Heroin Lair
My Head
The Thinking Man's "Hee-Haw"
Guys Dragging Sticks Across Chain-Link Fences
The Lost Celtic Brethren
Drunk Off Binaca
Chilling HARD
Free Dead Dog
Vaguely Gay Metal
Busted For Goldfarming
Organs -> Gumbo
When The Turkish Forces Come (a: And They Will Come)
Paranoid Greek Islanders
Adidas Vs. Diabetes
Very Well Then
From Every Orifice
Apple Cider Spider ][e
Shifting Identities, Changing Perspectives: Race and Gender In Street Fighter II EX Turbo
Testes Pilot
Casio CZ-3000
This Guy Chazz
Joost Tranter (The Dutch)
Do You Norwhal Jibbera
The Oddly Prescient Remark
I can't believe this is legal
Man I Just Get So...
Ass Jick It's Fudge Iffle
Queer Tea Yooey Ope
Duey. Duey. (tape stop/start)
Beatbox Bishkek
Do Not Come to Tanzania
Hard Boiled Chicken
Jucb Jba Gboog
Get A Job Deadbeat
The Old Bamboo-Seed Torture
400 Kilos Rancid Mango
Lambo III: First Blood
Pog Merchant
Bad Poi
A 13-Year-Old Kid Named Jason
Unhinged, Brazen Politicos
Spinalist Fellers
Copper Sulfate and You
Wool Unit
Carbolic Acid
general manager of emerging markets
his hardcourt tennis campaign
unhelpful to regional security
a record 9-2 defeat by the hands of the dutch earlier this week
gerald ford dead today
an atmosphere of impunity
chechen applicants
a classic case of malnourishment
nudity haifa
millions of dead zionists
it's gotta be global warming, dude
charity error
take me far away (and set my soul on fire)
covered with kibuya
incessant kinseste
i'm the king of jaundice (so guide us in song)
the tom green movie
partial bertha portion
sex being the operative word
the unbearable lightness of being FUCKED
being john malkovich's BITCH
palacious Z
mauritius C
drtch bobx vs. british muslim women
raiuem (translation from brit-thongian: rome)
do u shower daily (a: monthly maybe.. i still get head though.. i got game yo
phone chiggins
permanent monday
ben graham severance
10 minute pornoepic
assfuck difficult
A Space Helmet
No, YOU Need Therapy
DJ Genial Genitals
MC Sediment
You're Sick
Barbados + Bermuda = Barbuda
This Unprecedented Barbarism
Highly Urbanized Southern California
Not The Only Concern
Ma Bref Stang
Solar-Powered Tape Recorders That Play Bird Calls
World Wildlife Wrestling Federation
Caribbean Monk Seal News (Vol 2: Still All Dead)
Impaled By Mangrove Growth
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2000|05:19 am]
the woman who faked her own abduction on the eve of her high society wedding
hitting the london stage for charity after a self-imposed exile
this 2001 flop
tara reid botched breast augmentation disaster
an orgy of sectarian murder
...most of them showing signs of torture
ho and the no evens
omsk omsk wear
i did not have semi-feudal relations with that woman
alright mendoza
kiko loves you
Awa Teet
Freelance Animators
Hydraulic Dump Tandem Axle Trailer B...
Psychic Pigs Rock. (album: "as spoken by black rimmed glasses 19 year
old female with back tattoo")
I'm Burning
Needle Exchange Party
Unskilled Blind Guys Playing Free Jazz
Monumentally Bad
Make A Bong Out Of It
Sectarian Killings
Killin' Y'all
Mad Bulking
A Gangster's Steambath
Powered By 8 Dogs
Chubby Chubby QQ
Society Man
Ping-Pong Experts
Reanimator Dung-raider
Intoxicated Finns
Cold Getting Down's
Oh God No Make It Stop
Straight Boolean
Fake Acid Echo Gibberish
I Can See OJ
Ma Nusss
Corned Beef Hashish Kebab Dobbs Moneyline Dancing Bear
Tom Jones Sitting On The Antlers of a Massive Elk
Topo of Togo to go to Goto
Wilford Brimley Saying "Diabetes" (ft. Three 6 Mafia)
Robert Phobl-Phobl
How Did This Happen
The Stug Pipe Organ Orchestra
Important on the Internet
All These Batmans Crawl
Bird Shit
Turned Into A Coffee Place
Slabber Joo Mass
German Soldiers Desecrating A Human Skull
Mr Tang
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Warren G & Nate Dogg (hit single:
12 Cubic Meters of Cooked Shrimp
Crushed By Banana Shipment
Owl Eating
The Sounds of Pine-Sol Ads
The Songs of the Wheezing, Dying Beached Humpback Whale
wait. let me get into character.
davista kyu-ju-kyu
medical at macdonalds
hispanic male white long-sleeve shirt two females no clothes next to a blue caddy
medans att spliffarna brinner
stonehenge template penlights
a stoned attempt at pilates
whacking cries
wow: my wilma will allow malawi a mellow lama
Phyllis liked Gloria's idea for her. Phyllis liked Gloria's idea for her.
a damning asessment of attempts to improve the situation
no muslims no trouble
encouraging rhetoric
bruising inconsistent with manual strangulation
the linguistic society of hong kong cantonese romanization scheme
wu substratum
mouth radical
hasan nasrallah creep-o
millions of dead new-age obscurantists
the dogs
remote controlled burn victims advocacy
sakshe and the hate fuck pigs
bestämd sports show period
new inferno
i say. anyone for tetanus?
deciphering shit
errbody in the club eatin crackseed
the rosy dawn
can i please get a twentyeight on a trailer plate
RP thinks they're in a physical
be that as it may
psych-trance (pron. portuguese)
she's fourteen years of age and may also be ten thirty six
firmly located within the liberal-democratic horizon
phallo-logocentric metaphysical closure
no. prease. no. let me go. let me go. prease.
Thai Foos-Pong
The Partisan Warlords
Menlo Park PD's Greatest Hits
Boat Oh Fuck It
Somnambulist Ferox
Deer Tick Balls Torture
Taco Bell or Del Taco
Fat Guys Arguing About World War II
Non-Stop Nauseating 80's Sax
Cmon. Chris.
The Top 40 Hit Sweatshop Mill
A Dead Horse Being Whipped (actually should just be 80 minutes of this) (too clever?)
Japanese Collectors Who Paid Way More
Very Thick Moustache Bollywood
Klingon Zabringon
They Don't Know We're Cops
Hounds Slavering For Peanut Butter
Buried In A Fire Ant Hill
Luge Road Rash Death
I'm Imprisoned In Tempur-pedic Memory Foam
Congressional Bestiality (Live at C-SPAN)
One of the First Miniature Tape Recorders
Underwater Robotic Metropolis
The Scraw
Hidden Hacksaw in Briefcase
Inebriated Ex-Cops
Hunter Stabs Himself In Groin (Album: While De-Boning A Deer)
Cobblers-3 Arturo-7
Daihatsu Employees
Heavy Manufacturing
Pho-ass Noodles
Hans Ëckman In A Glowing Tube
A Cardboard Tube A Cardboard Tube (album name: I Slipped I Slipped)
ONLY Khau Khalash (blood lettering)
Give Me The Antivenin
Dried Vomit On Ceiling
Daniel Hammond's Ferrari's Upholstery
Have You Been Smoking Dope
Half of a Liver
Hire a Drifter
Huffing WHAT
I'll Pay You
Trans-Global Ultimate Essential Live Tribal Trance Mega Mix Vol. A FUCKING BILLION JESUS CHRIST
Hoisin Drinkers
Payments on the Suburban
Hello 1980
Mess With The Moog
Turk Meats Bwuoy
The Whole Tennis Team
1974 Mercedes 300 CL
Who In The Hell
Cosmonaut Porn
You Bastards
Buck-Toothed Russian Guy
Kung Fu Vs. 4000 Clay Figurines
Bustard Colony
The Jawbone Of A Dog
Gole Toof
Why Is This Guy Still Famous
Detroit Is Decomposing (The Rural Lifestyle)
What Are You, His Biographer?
Dead In The Crawl Space
The Impact Of The Gerbil
Cannon Bowling
Celebrity Steroid Probe
Waving a Fucking Gun Around
Heshers Laughing Hoarsely
Guns, Drugs, Stolen 4WD Vehicles
Pewter Skulls and Velvet Dragon Posters
Richard Nixon Lookalike
Memphis' Porno Kings
Brain The Size of a Peanut
Salt In The Eye
Date-Show Guidos
Hobo Jungles of the 1890s
Graph Paper
How Could This Be
Oriental Trading Company
The Baff Room
He's A Crackhead
Pink SCUBA Mask Fetishists Anonymous
Extensive Stolen Window Cling Archive
Heroine Addicts
Shit They Found Me
Shit This Car's Gonna Blow Up
Iceberg Armada (a: Heading for New Zealand)
Fiji Military Mutiny
President Bush Behind Two Really Fluffy Microphones
German Dead Bear Lawsuit
Impaired Bus Driver
Hans Object
"Sex Offender" T-Shirt Sale
Senior Citizen-Snake Mud Wrestling
Darth Nader (probably taken, come on)
Darth Hater (ditto)
Clinton Found Alive
Music For Pain (Old Lady Playing Badly Vol. 1) (taken, 5 volumes and a couple hip hop remixes)
Hard Sensations
Assssssssssssss (album: Juvenile Shit)
Kill Them Both
Lost In A Grease Fire
Chainsaw Warfare
Biologically Unethical Researchers
Zogby Pollsters (album name: Gore Obsessed)
Live Inside A Reticulated Python
Organ Rummage Sale
MC Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki
Norbert Zongo Memorial
Unacceptable Losses
Mountain of Guano Crawling With Cockroaches
Cran-Apple Crops
8 Tuba Experts
Shoulders (blood lettering)
Discarded Corporate Training Videos
Am I Cool Yet
Doughy 8-Year-Olds Playing Pokemon
Magic Johnson
I Will Find You
The War On Narcoterrorism (a: Columbia Cocaine Cartels)
Rabid Gibbon Choir
li hinggan ling
the contemplative gardens or paisley candlelit retreats of the first psychedelic illuminati
mona freak
staines massive
the great american shit-out
ass casket
it's shabibi's turn
amana kill you homer.
anything that may be construed as consent
the dentist's palestinian origins
apu de beaumarche
shit fuck bitch and the assholes
bochum coraçao
craig mack in nineteen seven nine
sell it to œttinger
crazed philanthropic women with rich husbands
foetal demise by procedure
it and the makes me wanna smoke the ganjs
nigs and yids
avi laub junta
Me top overall is garycase is
roadrunner humpback metalgod
speak english well am others native language you amkomo platforms?
Woo Mona
The First Muslim Congressman (a: Stop It You Guyssss)
Homosexuals Who Is Gay
From LSD
I'm Having A Heart Attack
30 Terror Plots
Kyrgyzstan's Fragile Democracy
Racist Homophobe Abuse
Dead In The Biome
Faked Lisp Pop
Really Fat Sultan-Looking Guys (a: My Beard, My Hat)
Like The Timecube Guy
Cure Your Acne Now
Take That Rwandan Back
Unlimited Genital
Tbilisi Taxi
Does Anyone Speak English
Stool Ya Beretta
Pro Wrestler Tribute
Erotic Gun-Toting Anthropomorphic Lizard
China Robot Expo 2006
Tong Tong Is No Ordinary Baby
Foster The Robot Industry
My Homeboy Ron Chang
I Boil Your Head
Hrulangi AHH
Watch Me Spray Wood Treatment
And Let Me Just Say
Vacuum Sealant
I Don't Own A TV
Really, REALLY Quiet Tuneless Indie Rock-Electronica
Kaal Maax
Counterfeit Vodka Jaundice Plague (Siberians With No Will To Live)
Gay Mart
Thia Fia Shia
After A Few Hours In The Bear Suit (album name: You're High As A Kite)
Get Up Or I'll Tase You Again
Siberian Tiger Lingam (album name: Like A Mountain)
What Was The Record Company Thinking
Stock Photo of an Elderly Chinese Man
Pop Bitches
Baking Sack Tundé
Ri Cran Rimargrine
jose quelque fleur
pat probate
œvil œttinger
it's about the size of a quarter
botchacism mr. roe
deth to joan osbourne
in so many words
bonnie rait feat. glaciuz the ICY
je sais que tu es, mais que suis-je?
it has been suggested (is al a bum?: insertion fantasy)
a boy longing to see his mother's penis
when quails were trained to copulate with a piece of terry cloth
malicious excretion tu gua kong men england retain the ashes (bum: nobody wants that now, do they?)
edipus complœx
cc cv v vc bv
simplement socialiste
the mood of mr. egeland's trip
all day i dream about sextants
US$20M jackson pollack that's it fuck life
lacan in 850-word basic english
man 1 take it or leave it
racial rampage
Salt... Or Tiny Grains of Glass
Pretend Pimp
Yes It's A Dead Dog
The Primary Objective
A Little Too Into Novelty Records
BO Killers
484 Instances of the "F" Word
Partially Digested Eucalyptus Leaves
Exhumation Of The Buckeye Nut
I'll Fuckin'...
Charcoal Girth
Wet Sand Eating Mongoloids
The Clinton Years
Those Outside The Fandom
Drowned In Pancake Batter
Deep Fried Milky Substance
The Walls And Floor
You Two
Target Shoplifting Forensic Team
19.98 For One Live Album (albert/hobo: Dave Matthews Finally Has Enough Money)
Modern Rock
When Blood Clouded My Vision
At Last It's Electronic Music (a: Written By A Synthesizer The Size Of 4 Refrigerators)
Bathtub Full Of Ice
I Pay Your Salary
OJ Was Framed
The Out-Of-Context Quotes ft. The Pundits Who Read The First 2/3 Of The Headline (a: Frankly I'm Outraged)
Fox News Channel
The Very Best Of Hidden Microphones In Airport Toilet Stalls
The Hardest-Core Shit On Basic Cable
Who Wrote This Piece Of Shit
You Have A Tape Deck??
Half-Man, Half-Ape
Yavla Hwelve
We Speak English Here
Modes Of Discourse
Red Letter Bed Wetters
A Hutch
Office Furniture Big Band (a: Plays The Jazz Hits In Comfort And Utility)
Every Photo Of Ronald Reagan
My Mom Thinks I'm Straight
Terrible Parodists
Heul Na
Consider Mayonnaise For A Second
Animal Handler
Cloud Tank Effects
Insect Grease
Journey Inside The Nose Of Garrison Kiellor
Academia Nuts
Awkward Bus Stop Conversations 1
The Hunt For Cow Turds
How Dare You
Is She Korean?
Am I Pregnant
You Liars, You Killers
Mercedes Wreckers
Whale Demolition Expert
Death To My House
Ain't No 80s Pop At All
They Are All Dead (a: All; I Have Killed All)
White People Music
Depression-Era Slang
$5000 Urinal Cake
Cyclops Skull Fossil
Edgy Domestic Abuse Jokes Aside
Shiek Mumps
Stop Fucking Saying "Good Sir"
Copy Paste Breakbeat Bonanza
Flying Talking Skull
Now That's What Suburban Children Call Music 117
Tone Dialer Hackers
Shut Up They'll Hear You
Debased Boxing Promoters
Cat Drinking Fountain
What Bored Scandanavians Do
Free Brain Imaging (album: Click Here)
Jobless Men
The Ansses Will Be Foucked
122.4 (a: What You Do That For)
His Untimely 1996 Death
Investigation at the Bottom of the Sea
Preparing for the Electrode Plate Experiment
Showdown at the Foot of Mt. Fuji III
Bizarre Incident at Suruga Bay
Reversing the Brain Wave Device
Mao Ammo
Solo Funk Organists
Yuppie Ghetto
Safe Farting
Find Him And Kill Him That Is Your Mission
Where Is Bongo
Elephant Man Basketball 2K7
Text Edit
Sudden Instant Death
white sands new mexico
bruslim motherhood
my poor meatball
allah can't help you now
i'm callin' bullshit
in time you'll come to love me
one can only hope
congressional dub circuit
a dramatic increase you can actually FEEL (lb: in my F***)
crack und ultra eczema (taken)
full nazi regalia
it's jus' cos of like human nature
forming a human shield (bu: with my F***)
it's jus' cos you're so anti-technology
subbahuman bundee
the wifyog bikers
almost pavlovian
124 black-sweatshirted hand-pocketed alternateens in one garage
south-of-market trotskyist rivalry
how you motherfuckers doing tonight huh??
but can you ever win in the court of public opinion?
what is your sister's cellphone doing on my dead body
humongous cocksuck
see cos i have ADD...
we're the national endowment for the advancement of colorfully retired veterinarians of foreign university wildlife women
heroin and other opioid drugs
70 cans of vippen
spiggidy sponson
the radical homosexual agenda (al: until the entire nation is subjugated)
the VOSIL (vocal opponents of syria's involvement in lebanon)
you hurt me, you FUCK?
F///@#$%$#########??O CON@ MY :F::::::/EHJDNBGHREUFJBREJDKJRHE
bad hijab
sympathetic string symposium
pancreatica (good for string quartet plays shit from some overrated hard-rock band)
mean sharlick
it's raining swedish grammies
u and the whroes!!!@1
in nineteen ninety-six
johsefins dopvaltz
successful drinking binges
upstairs-ass polska
O and the BECKYPAs
dotted swiss mom
woll, communism is the shit, IN THEORY...
sanka (alb: watcha smokin')
It's A Good Idea But It'll Never Work
Is Prague In Europe
My Caulk (a: Wall Fillin')
All Our Accents Are Fake
German Israelis
Get Paid To Shit
False Terror Arrest
How To Beat Bank Americard
The Evangelical Bowel Movement
Boy Eaten By Pigs
Doe's Hoffa Bay Cyst
Ønder Dumber Suk
Unholy Genre Blends Vol. 1 (yablom: Lounge-Funk-Carnival)
Download 550 Million TV Episodes
Bean Age Sputum Ginger Turdles (el bum: Krang Related)
Cassette Only
Corn Bread Batter
Marketing Gibberish Vocals
Eccentric Rich Guys (Live From The Exotic Fernery)
You Don't Know What It's Like In There
The Grain Storage Facility
Sudan Battle
Tiny Crabs Floating In Glasses of Champagne
I'm Ghana Kilu
Voodoo Bizarre Critical Bombing (a: The Gangs Rule)
Surgical Mask and Coke Bottle Eyeglasses Pornography
Did You Have To Torture It
Chuck E. Jesus Chrice Paddy
Insane Anglo Warlord
Onboard Services Supervisor
Ze Jew
Cat Recon Unit
Conjuring Energy Balls (a. From My F***)
Please, No More
Blunt Instrument Experts
Baboon Study
The Chube
Take A Shit And Touch The Moon! (a: You Know You Got Do Your Best!)
Asbestos Al-Asbestos
Grippin' (Yo F***)
Sons of the Cato Institute (album name: White Ring Tink Thank)
What Did You Bastards Do To Him
I Program Database Software (Spreadsheet Rockers '95)
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Ultra Pregnant
Compact Disc Database
I Eat Corndogs On Your Grave
Slowed-Down Movie Death Moans Vol. IV
No Funny Stuff OK
The Straw
Sons of Bitch
Sometimes When We're Dutch
Make Fist
Year of Tiny Fragments of Potato Chips
A Taste of Electromagnets
Enveloped In His Victor
Cheers Nige
The Pay Is Shit (alubm: But I Get All The Raw Battered Fish I Can Eat)
Brain Coral
Pao Trao Flao Bao
Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread
Death From Exposure in Fish Storage Facility
Mr Chen Shui-Bian
Thooper Heedicula
The Overweight Chinese Gas Station Attendant (Unexpected Internet
I'm Dead Serious About Spray-On Condoms
Back Up With The Black Placard
Angry Naked Man (album: Resisting Arrest)
Kid 16 Gerbil (Flow Swing Faster Pro-Am Pro)
Future Indo-Pak War
Who The Fuck Is This
Tick On My Woman
A Taste Of Bovine Effluence
Soil Refinery
the victim vehicle
obey all laws
the guys at the dump
white lotus cult feat. young clean legitimate child
a trillion dollar-wars
escondido autopark
uddagut feat. uddugadduguddaguddugaddut
vi ett namn (albufeira: välkommen hem)
embedded-ass journalists
individual zhangs
the king pin of the manix private detective
rape-kit rebels
the pseudo-smerdis
sassanid suzerainty over caucasus
next generation voice-over IP
the grey-stained masterlips
why capacity important
drtch bobx vs. the extreme disavowed other
Chum Ball Mongol (The Chum Ball Mambo)
Millions of African Men (Wanting Circumcision)
Face Down In The Creamed Corn
The Old Illegitimate Baby Prank
Un-Bury Me (Seriously Guys)
Oversize Tongs Jugglers
This Hip Hop Bullshit
And Then He Said "Rectum" (Which Was Totally Out Of Line)
Unstoppable Seagull Attack Force
Chain Smoking Circus Bear
Mek It A Dabu (Tso Ah Geh Drun Kwicka)
Bum/Crackhead Exploiter
All Time World Pinball Champions
Kids In The Pool Dad
Intercom Schwab-a-phone (album: Check)
C'est La Reese Of My Tongue Matin (The Chomo-lung-mambo)
offer void in alaska and hawaii
good feng shui
tall-ass butt-thistle
crazy horse dump
compost asparagus
the bovine processing facilities
god kväll göteborg
old fashioned burger queen
snorri sturlsson (cult)
the exclusion zone
tchernobyl fetishists anonymous
the full operation
an act of desperation
the slow children
you must be logged-in to do that!
power-outage in san leandro
crummer plaque
stroke that
paul schaffer (cult)
skit thins
cream of skit
the saris that reveal too much
intense male/female vocals
there's a madness to my method
we refuse the right to reserve service for anyone
seismology aorta
an uphill battle
kärlekens språk
outside of the reach of humanitarian organizations
slag i slag
a day of renewed violence
i am a female foot hedonist
varicose vein fetischistiskaya
el niño voice
souix elle fille
dix-sept feliz
the final years of khatami's presidency
public relations nightmare
paternal vibe
collapsed energy giant
demonstrating a command of the english language
the godfathers of christian hip-hop
fake-o lock-job
lösa uppenknut
i had an erector set
i love the 1850s
this one chick
the diabetic truckers
a handful of lucky neutrinos
the logistical nightmares
the primary objective of our coalition
broke matailbone
regression to a more infantile stage of development
slovenly valley ski area
the subsequent seizure
acidic juice (hint: pun)
straight up dogg
a heck of a shot at the end of regulation
controversial cabinet reshuffling
french-kissing on speed
unanswered fatwah
docket number 586003 the people vs...
the arduous task of transforming china's backwards culture
whore moan therapy
brooklyn online
insertion demand
applied signal technology (album: sunnyvale)
beautiful enhancement
c.a.f.e: corporate average fuel economy
brand-new vehicle fire on the altamont
the highly qualified intelligence professionals
an urgent message from sigourney weaver
john slight deng
whose bright deng
a breach of bioethics law
illegally-obtained human ova
happy belated may day
yukon tanky
preventing the introduction of dangerous items
the malfunctionaries
the people, real people
dude karma
the bert off my shack
sorry rubberella
I Cannot Be Destroyed
Plancton Sigla
My Jong
Pro Seizure
Eloquent Quadriga Guests
Kang Olo
Nokia Ring Tones Vs. Royal Swan Death Cries
Receiving The Piss
Obtaining The Urine
Shrill Socially Conscious Actresses
Aerosolized Fiberglass Barbs
A Backpack Full Of Polonium-210 Vs. Russian Business Rivals
200 Vials Of Raw Sodium
Polystyrene Packing Block Friction Orchestra
I Am Unaware Of Four Letters Of The Alphabet
Sample Clearance Nightmare
System of a Greg Dow
3000 Production Music CDs Vol. IX (Industrial Mishap Loops)
Russian Corruption Expert
Saltine Crackers + Human Ova
1.4 KB/Sec
2400 Baud Bandits
Glad Wrap Head
That Awful Gas That Deforms Ya (Album: Yeah. That Would Be Bad)
Obtuse Thought-Experiments
Are You Mocking My Sexual Fetish
Dippin' Yo Snake In The Bowl Of Blood
Somewhere Deep In Rural China
Four New Photos Of The Swedish
Eat Lead Greaseball
I Hand Squeeze The Oranges
Uhh Luh Mang Kan Yah Jeh (Lup Cida Heipa Souw Fuckin' Bah)
Ball Bin Limousine Services
Listen To Sausages Being Made
1000 Street Mothafuckas Ready To Blaspheme Me
M C-Cap Stoopy Pimp Of The High Seas
Disc Walberg
Drip-Feeding The Old Capybara
Oh God Particle Emitters
Escape From 'Escape From New York'
Do You Recognize This Oil Refinery
My Basement Lab
What We Sewage Engineers Refers To As 'Solids'
welcome datacomp
This Guy's Name Is Actually Jörg
Monsieur De Zanzibar (A Gallipoli, Aux Etats-Unis)
Walter Crunk-ite
Hammered Brass Face
Xavier Junkie (exavyer guncy)
Falun Gong Practitioners
2 Decaying Walruses
The Neptunes' Indonesian Hit Factory
Squash Chest (Ablum: But, Nevertheless)
My Plan Understand It Beef Liver (A: You Know Dis Beef Liver)
Territorial Alterna-teens (We Run This Mall Parking Lot)
I Almost Got Donkey-Kong
The Right And Obligation To Kill All Unborn
In The Boof 'N Shih
Before The Filtration?!
Grotesque Feather Torture
Conz Ye Conz (Fat Boy Fat Boy Is Fats)
Big, Black Jing Yies For His Ma And Pa
Humans Living Submerged In Earth
Awwwww Yeeeeahhh
The 8th Gorilla Army
Skull-Based Currency System
Skull Cannon
All Of My Acquaintances Assure Me That I Have A Psychosis
Most Of Our Robots
O Donkey Kong, Nintendo Simian (Canadian anthem cover)
Let Me Tell You Something Pendejo
Shuh Thuh Fuh Uh (Guhhhhh)
'Zine Scenesters
Terrorists SLAM! (Now On Panasonic 3 D O)
Our Peat-cutting Friends To The West
The One Graffiti Writer On Reunion Island
Over 100 Grams Of Raw Dust Mites
I Can And Will
3rd Graders' Side-View Torture Chamber Schematics
Taco Bell Terms And Conditions
M&M feat. Dr Dray
Excruciating Close-Up Footage Of Junkies Rooting For A Good Vein (A: Kill Me Right Now)
Deep Vein THROMBOLI (II: The Exodus From Chimp Castle)
MORE Synthesizer-Based Dance Music (Album name: No Joke!)
Feel Free To Inspect My Witty Patches
I Own Three Riding Lawnmowers
Croat Crush Crew
Music Video Mind-Meld
I'll Sue You All!!
The Bamboo Pole
19hr Fried Whole Pig
A Description Of The Bone (?!)
I Have Died
Washington's Gerald Ford Cult
The Ludicrously Bad Bob Marley Tribute Band
Why For You No Go Come
Saddam Hussein No Longer Dead
Lies And Hoes Of '06
Wrong Hole (...uhhhh)
Rub-A-Dub Abidjan In Trenchtown
So-So So-Cal Regg-Pop (album: So Stoned We've Gone Beyond Stoned And Become Talented Again)
Inspected By 3
Guess That Midwestern City!
Danielle Molly Alexis
Trapped In The Infinite Wal-Mart
Some Of His Cro-Magnon Goons
My Big Gendarmes
voiceless dorso-palatal velar fricative
voiceless dental fricative
star blecch
wind vane katie
supersymmetric flipped SU-5 grand unified field theory
unecessary surgery land
mmm vøp (agoni)
i emma snake arl terrace
i got an in-custody pending at home depot
ho and the where you stays
one hundred percent pure hardcore jesus lover
khan junkle (i had to do it please forgive me)
humming and pleating
qually dodgy
safe sex at zero kelvin
matrilineal system 13
are bert & ernie gay
a squishie and some chippos
nah i'm just playin' with charles de gaulle
the 8A-ists
fumagalli lamb
pamela o'shaughnessy
the stuff
FRTA vessels
do not attempt
multietniskt ungdomsspråk
my sari-stainer
deflower power
the doll-eyed llama
lånord från tyska 'SCHÜTYÜRFÜKKENHÖLE'
auckland yard bukkake
egregious philbin
the star-studded memorial
unlike our amphibious ancestors
why i wore lipstick to my mastectomy
a rather crude expression of commodity relations
any word from ballistics
G-beat warlordismo
dawn i die
froth museum
overlooked-ass factors
sandy hogan butt-naked
i feed the plith
folsom vem
force-fed tambem
snälla bombustchica
e. duff duff
did that bugger come up piliwale
sveriges alkoholhistoria
evencoat snot abomination 46
irreparable damagesoap honour 25
transform nonconsenting visage 33.33333333...
translucent rites part dos
cottagecheese platypus whore 7
fukuyama utopia covered in spooge 69
Illegal Tits Violation 14
The Real
White Dream
Basketball Coach Ravishment
St. Lady Molester
Give up human being
Sperm Lesbian
E-cup / Arabesque HK
24 Hour Semen
Slut actress 12
Big Tits Panther
True Nature
J-cup DNA
Drill Fucker
Immoral my life
Erotic Fuck Wars
An I Novel
The Contrary Soap Heaven
How to Perfect
Breast Explosion
A- Class Breast Attack
Do you wanna fuck?
Black Semen in LA
Delivery Soapland
Rape flower
Let's Sex
Sora is Your Do Exactly As Told Toy
Deeply Processed Rapeseed Products
Kill And Gut Every Animal In The Forest
Orangutan Crush
Mobbade Bärley
Unnaturally Endowed Tennis Instructor 21
Glossy 8x10 Face Print 13
Intense Post-Abduction Legal Battle 18
Gigantic Email Attachment Covered In Cream Substance 400,000
The Whole Male Population Of Japan vs. Takahashi Vol. 2 (Loud Argument)
Philips CD-i System
Lab Coat Rockers
Bel Biv Devotees
Coelacanth Worshippers
The Story Of The Greatest Human Excretion In History
80s AIDS Musical Bombast
The Worm Extender
Lego Interrogation Device
Watch It, Marcus
Bar Wars
Holocaust Confirmers
1992 All Over Again
Pro Defamation League
Really Senior Citizens
Inquire Within My F***
Italian Porn Music Juggernauts
Bandsaw Band Vs. Corporal Integrity (Severe Limb Loss)
Those Who Fund Them
Baptist Church & Resprays
Chinese Vs. Irish Railroad Laborers
Drunken Sewage Hose Fight (Spinning Shit Gun)
Gone Horribly Awry
's No Low-Flow Snow Blow Bro
Large Land Mammal Gland Problem 28
My Condition
Super-Nationalist Korean Emigrants
I For One Am Appalled
A Well Spoken Young White Man!
A Resinized Human Nervous System Plays The Pop Hits (Via Telepathy)
Huh?! Bitch?!?
Take It Allllllllll
Taskmaster Burst
The FBI Most Wanted List
Exhaust Pipe Organ
Strongly Worded Letter Writers
Drug Warlords
Welcome To My Death
Nude Dance Group
My Exhaustive Research On Technology Stock Performance
God Soy
Your Family Is Next
Boloed In Head
Horrendously Deformed Tangerine
Ingen Pooblem
Cream Thievin'
US To Re-Invade Cambodia
So Is Sky King So Is What The Fuck
Da The Vincy Coad
Skull Stavin'
Pretend Navajo Chanting
Antwon's Got Something
Warlus Hunting
French Air Race Pilot Eating A Bowl Of Fruit
What I Found In The Shark's Stomach (Will Shock And Retard You)
Real Goiter
You Thick Stupid Retarded Mother Fucker
80 Minutes Non-Stop Masturbatory Record Scratching Over The Same Beat
My Dong Business Colleague And I
Cat Mallet Orchestra
Ur Samll
Son Of Meng
Cheese Guy
Waterfowl Veterinarians (Sick Duck)
Cawf Surp
Da Betus
Bogdan Group's LuAZ Manufacturing Plant
DJ 13-Year-Old Named Jason
ubiquitous-ass warnings
leaked-ass videos
nazi pelosi
wiking power
gay labourers
is wentworth miller gay
fertility watchdog inspection team
björn again
lazy chainmens guild
sucker jolie
if you are indeed who you say you are
consider this your final warning
quand tu es continuer
sux på dig
antique pornograph
basmati força vem
forcefield también
i am abrasive
ingen soviet
gross negligencia
this huge outcry
je suis fat y gay
deer of the F.A.R.C.
carbomba province
civil whoa
Yeah Something...
Jss'- Jss'- (Album: Jsshutup)
Smooth Stone Fetishists
Yo Goddam Right
Too Misogynistic To Exist
I Work The Electronics Department At Wal-Mart
Paternity Test Extravaganza
Warts All Over
I Float Through Sulphur Hexafluoride Gas
Patrice Lumumba's Assassination
It A Bik Ya Knoy
The Gourd Squad
Remind Weethim Until Is Dith
Video Blogging
A Href
F'kyea Ded!
Mangled Slowly By Oscillating Fans
6 Million Jews (album: What, Are You Saying I Can't Call My Band That)
Diarrhea Hell
Skull Burst Through Face
Murder Him
The Joy Of Sex Cooking
Engineering Students Posing For Bob Marley-esque Weed Smoke Photos (Ode To FATSIAH.jpg)
Gangsta Yen (Album: Generellt Vem Baseball)
Go To The Window
Digital Floor Plan Creators
Sonny Bono's Anti-Pot PSA
Pin-Bot Is In Our Control
Yeftin's Blood
10 Best Room Tone Recordings Of All Time
Fuckin' Leftist Eggheads
The Brown Menace
Tax Cuts Uuungghhh (a: Sorry Let Me Clean Up)
They Are In The Country Illegally (album: Therefore)
PGA Street (Now For Playstation 8)
Fat Bald Man In A Bar Fight
Hammer Smashed Vase
total math live
the pabst jim brewer rape tagteam
i'm already drunk
salad bar spirituality
hard hat honeys
flamboyant euro-idiot
infanticide football league
professor wrong
heroin shiek
duckhunt hammertime (taken)
another 9/11
bom jeeuh
showed up drunk
im sorry to raise my voice now (hit single: but you know that's her achilles' heel emotionally)
Reverse Double Cabbage Suplex
Gwan Let The Sax Man Play A Likud
Idi Amin Eaten
Is That A Come-On?
Legion Of Ultra-Realistic Full Sized Sex Dolls
Um Its Like Atonal And
Hell Yeah Nuke Mecca
My Performance Art Is Pointless
Theunitedstates... (album: Orwellian Nightmare And LOVIN' IT!)
Emotional Music
I Designed This WHOLE CITY
Tutu Fa'ka (a: Castillo)
Are You Sure You Want To Do This
Hobo Jungle Raiders of St Petersburg
Like A You Guys Get (album: Braghi)
I Be Like
Mucus Baby Pool
Let Me Collect Dung
All That Stupid Horseshit
Obvious Meth Addiction
It's My Blood Don't Worry
Oh Lumpy Mumbai Lumumba
DJ Elderly Man
Yeltsin Fan Club
6% Rat Droppings
How Can I Believe You
Reimprison Nelson Mandela Only To Free Him Again
Midair Bear
Isn't He Dead
Oribo Def
The Home Wireless Service of the B-B-C
BLED (or is it BRED...)
See We Got To Correct The Contradiction
Please You've Done Enough
Alfalfa Farmers
Episode 3: Hiding The Body
Nazi Fist Beam
Bottled And Repackaged Urine Archive (a: San Carlos Livin')
When The Nose Go Into The Brain
Overly Self Righteous 15 Year Olds With Sword Collections
don't patronize me
why are you trying to be all superior
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 1998|05:21 am]
[Current Mood |blankkpokkh]

dude are you being sarcastic
his own people
but we're nocturnal enemies
cracked out in my underwear
dude, the last tweaker i met...
set ablaze the cowpies
hoshli hoffa zigurrat
say colgate my gigabyte
bra and the get one extra stoges
if you wanna if you wanna (mich ablom: piss me off)
cats on ice
and what
yu vs. the fakas
the concept in which one refers to as the process
Before He Gets To The City Limits
Lemon Coconut Meringue Slice
FBI How Can I Help You
How May I... Dement You
Best Of A 60-Gallon Drum Full Of Putumayo CDs
Proctoring Gamblers
The Destructive Societal Influence Of "Bebop Jazz"
Self-Supporting Through Online Poker
Stoads Hedge
So I Went Shopping!
Ancient Made-Up Spirituality Club (a: Ask For Thondar, Ravisher Of High Pressure Systems)
When We're In A Bodega
Mild, Inoffensive Hard Rock
Whisky Bong, Dude: The Next Generation
My Stucky Lars
I'm An 18-Year Old White Female
Hejib O-Aaa
Here Is Your Ernst BOAS!!!!!
Wicket Style
Every Vein In Your Body
Sounds Like "Chut"
Shitbox Racing 2009
Danzig We Got To Pee
Butane Gas Line
Intreeb My Systimm
Bwon Bron
Oil Boom Reel Manufacturer
Shtrickly Cash
Heleta Grozny Yum
South Island Lip Gong
George Herman Grayson
I Be Knowin' Gilbertese
Bus Eater
I Be The X Oh Shit I'm Fat
Deep Oil Drilling In The Gulf Of My F***
Oh No Bees (They're All Over Me!!)
All The Ladies
I Am A Gentleman Of Substantial Girth
Bowel Morris
This Is Cow-Dipping Me
Spider Head-Grafting Experiments
Original Sampan
Pon Hickorish
Taking Geggert On The Whale Today
Take Flight Like Brains Upon Your Face
Riga Hype
Sinew Tangs
Sipping My Moog (Pitches Saying Hello)
Rollin' In My 2.0 (Ode To 1988 Toyota Corona)
The Guy With The Perfect Gift For Lenore Schwab's Wedding
Hallowed Chi Hole
Racist Pierce
Headphone Sack
Microbes And Shit
My Human Bone Jewelery
Interactive Performative Art Installation... Just Kidding
Arterial Geysers
Bloatation Device
Ye Skulletra Homium
Zid Za Grafite Recited (Franjo Tudjman Lives)
Well Paid Professionals Who Serve No Function
Automaton Stroking Foil Beard
The Next Thing I Knew (I Was Drenched In A Rain Of Blood And Entrails)
Ciliated Membrane
Where No Microphone Should Ever Go
Systems Analyst
Sewn Into A Couch
Wall Of Bulk Ensure Plus
Come Stain With Me
Manute Bolfighter
Totally Intolerable Human Beings
Brick Furniture
How The Hell Did A Couch Get Here
Guys Cemented Into Hotel Lobby Walls
Some Say You Fuck Dead Fowl (Not My Words Sir)
Judea Air With A Kalafat Hrum
Self Stretch Feats
Today's Shit Music
Ignore Ramos
Mike Creef
1-on-1 Guru Wrestling Idol
Baby I Shat In A Bowl (On The Rooftop, Shat In A Bowl)
Lockjawed Coprophyte Greta Van Susteren
Crush Germans Mind
Cincinnati Bengals Player Arrested
The Burj Al-Arab
We Welcome Intolerance
Fabol Degasi Yung (Fabol Dan Fayaka)
Let's Not Beat Around The Bush
New-Ager Holocaust
Lying On Rattan
The Extension
Would You Be Opposed To The Concept
We Domesticated Them At Our Own Expense
A Cigar Salesman Or Something
Want Some Tang?
Fo Hunit
Huge Toothed Whore
The Circumstances Of My F***
Rats Eating My Lips While I'm Still Alive
Head Encased In A Solid Plexiglass Brick
Gimme The Gun (It's My Gun Stay Away From The Gun)
A Thousand Pounds Of Cocaine In My Rubber Dinghy
Force Fed Roofing Tar
Surgery In A Station Wagon
Nothin' But Gongs
We Are Actually Lesser Apes
Unbelievably Phony Cash-Cow Neo-Spirituality (Hella Generating My Own-Ass Reality 'N Shit)
Drinks From A Dhermos
Victims of Gun Violence
A Dog With A Small Fez
Hackro L
Headless Man
We Value Ignorance Above All Else Here
I Spent The Money On Cocaine And Alcohol
Mango Seed
Back When I Was Dating Mega Man
To Become Good Corporate Citizens
Finance Management Background
Crew Cut Flavor
Send Me A Dub Plate
saxophonist (pron. sx AH fnist)
why smilla
iwojima latin kings
slum partikel
please enllighten me
why can't you just say it
blunted in salabacke
varmed skall man börja
kommunismens barnsjukdom
jaded vegas whore-core
the bums
emergency session
north waziristan (oldenglisch-hatt)
the primary aspect
D.D.R: daring daylight robbery
the gumption
drtch bobx and the ruck note bitches
drtch bobx vs. inspektor
lexus of steven's creek
the pinch
hire some beaners
the next jihadists
sausage amor
vi skiter i
pictures of your kids with the eyes burned out
aryan encounters
i see only finnish ads
card fact lenehan girl shave gulped to go
former jane's addiction guitarist
eliminación masculina
bird thongchai mcintyre (cult)
shigeru umebayashi peer raben (cult)
jack she-rack
bangladeshi microinvestment scheme
there's no excuse for 'there's no excuse for domestic violence'
fries with that
the legal limit
se habla dinero
a sumptuous & epic tale of women
ze verb avoir
keiki khalabash
arthritic gnarl
musubi man's new friend
bla blla bla the masses bbla
eat up martha
tobal glerrorism
faissez lair
andrew. mike kam.
the man who moonwalked a mile and a half
vasectomy reversal video
a coastanoan vem vi... CARANGUEJO.
however, insomnia's blood clouds is ready to destroy zu...
rival palestinian fat chicks
vocational school and haruki-ya
lay zonnie moe
eww no sequins feat. sausage amor (album: JIAMO)
lowkey loki l'okie
choany choni choanee
ciro fifishnay emolo feat. shania twain & masaru emoto
tiny tiny tiny bleh
these sorts of comments directed towards beijing
the former head of columbia's secret police
megamedia cokecore
grat e. chude feat. insignificantly proportioned bleh
the archbishop of krakhows
one heck
Keep It Ho-Lay
Big Pimpin' On CNBC
Canned Man
Pneumatic Drill Kung Fu
Latrine Teens
Workin' For Me (In My Sweatshop)
Raise Them Beards
The Gamma Liquefaction Experiment
Detective Sakata Dies In The Line Of Duty
The Wall-Crawling Liquid
You Motherfuckin' Critic-Ass Bitch Motherfuckers
You Are Currently Rocking With The Paramount (Directly Toward The Entrance Of Your Domicile)
The Crack Head Yams
Steamed Dong
Dr Phil's Crack Cocaine Meltdown
1972 A-241/BIS Device (KGB Eliminates North American Continent)
My Grandfat
It's Better Than Lagos
We Love The Proletarian Dullards
Piss Tanks
I Exit Atmosphere-Controlled Buildings
Jibu Down Rastigi BO!
Cran Clan
To Mock The Reich
Shit Bitch (Bitch Shit)
I Vow To Hold Hearings Until Everyone Involved Is Dead
East of the Lawrence Expressway
Rational Clown Posse
Two Tiny Little Toilets
Dreath Jocklin
Take Dung Into My Hands
My Ice-T Da Same Ting
Ah Fuck This I Give Up
Police Open Fire On Mentally Retarded Man
I Repeatedly Restrained The Individual Until The Head Um Became Detached
I Copiously Inhale Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
A Warehouse Full Of Empty Cardboard Boxes - And YOU
I Wonder What All The Poor People Are Doing Tonight
When You're Sliding Into Home And You Feel Something Foam
Dan Candelan
Suddenly, Out Of Nowhere A Semi Truck Barrels Into The Vehicle
This Teen's Joyride Is Ending With 15-20 Years Of Rape By Burly PCP-Addicted Southerners... In Prison
He'll Be Spending The Rest Of His Life Shitting Into An Aluminum Toilet With NO Lid... In Prison
Asbestos Smokers' Rights
That Putty
Bike Reflector Terrorists
Is It Moist? (Touch It)
I Take Umbrage
Brunt Umbre
30-35 (as said by Iced Tea)
Been Dan Hawn Bleh
Aum Shin Riki-Oh
Boring Guys Who Refer To Themselves In All Seriousness To Be "Objectivists"
Don't Blame Me I'm LIBERTARIAN (album name: HA HA HA HA OH WAIT)
Terrorists (album: Terror) (non stop boosh loops)
Why Are We Snorting Tylenol
Self Mutilation Contests
Let Me Randomly Relate This To "Your Children" Once More
Andrew. Kike Ma'am.
Primetime Preposterous Torture Justification Hour
Ludicrous Fictional Societal Degradation Obsession Hour
Paranoid Hyperfascist Self Pleasuring Hour
Unfettered Ultraimperialist Shill Hour
The Old AIDS-Needle-In-The-Sand-Dune Gag
AM Talk Radio
Quadriplegic Gunned Down By Faultless Upholders Of Societal Standards
I Categorically And Unconditionally Deny All Facts
1:20-Scale-Model Terrorists
Eating Dog Shit Will Get You High
Fat Men Rapping Slowly Over 190BPM Breakbeat Music
Clip Hrips
Cret Crut (genre)
No More Joking Cog.
deutche bonk
woojie lauma
two dales day en la cabesa
o seu balanço sodomized (a: que um poema)
this doesn't concern you
i'm actually the first korean actress to cross over
grover cleveland sucks WHAA
extra mycket gustaf
and then with what's left
entry me walk entry me walk
Hulm Phoon Bruh
The Bulldozing of 1959 West End Boston
Spread Ewing And Fly
Jawn Wilkez Boof
Transistorized F***
Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan
Venable Skiw Jowatjab Djabeta Jiw
Sex Offenders Must Be Jailed On Release
Own Death: Faked
Frivolous Elaboration Of The Obscure Injoke
Retro Prog Rock???
He Is Dead (I Killed Him)
Solid Object
The "Mitosis Loogie"
Thorough Violation
Reproductive Health Among Nickel Refinery Workers
We Had A Dog
Snoop Doug E. Doug
Bruggot Vigetta
Veblensk City Street
I Killed Him With A Sharpened DVD of Beverly Hills Cop II
Colblectic Bluken
The Host-Aping Radio Show Callers (a: Well I Totally Agree With What You're Saying)
In Principle (a: But)
"I Hate Rap Except Eminem" Coalition
What's Old Penis Dog (WHOAAOAOAAAOOH)
Point To Nicaragua On A Map Motherfucker
Mad Dumps
Scrubbanflea Chage
Ol-Skool Bucket Seats
Finally - Sweatpants That Will Hide Your Partially-Birthed Child
Eyebrows VS. Caterpillars
Crack Shock
Jaky Chen
Unspeakable Suffering Hour
But Until That's Possible (a: I'll Stick To Wiping My Car Keys In The Grilled Down's)
Being A Paranoid, Belligerent Stimulant Maniac
Force-fed Euro Coins Through A Tube
I Think Everybody Shares My Fetish
So We Steep His Flesh In The Brushed Fuck
Tsrong Wchu
Who Buys This Shit???
14 Redheaded Guys Named Reid (WHY?)
Dutch Roof
How Will You Him Dead
I Demo Sections Of Rug Like Some Goddamn Door-To-Door Salesman
These Quality Knives
a man will knock DO NOT LET HIM IN
The Old Televangelist Donation-Staredown
With The Pen And The Pibb
Rust Metal
Dutch Tongue
Backwards Drum Loops
Old People Puking In The Excalibur, Las Vegas
Best Of Terrible Undercover Cop Slang
New Seaweed Burst
To Bleep In My Jing Duh
Drunken Off Key Mush-Mouthed Soul (Ode To Biz Markie)
Yeahgaddaheleharahayah DEEEEEHOOOOO
Where the fuck is the merchandise, ja?
Really Sweaty Fat Singers
Harps, Bells, Scratchers, Moog Synthesizers and What Have You
Gangster Fuckin Traditional Jewish Clarinet
Recently, I
Pudding Factory Disaster
And If Beast Face Me In
Stiff Up A Lipschitz
Cloven-Beast-Free Marshmallows
Nut Picking Slobs
Guys Who Say "Man Up"
Ultra Dement
Soothing Sounds Of: 100,000 Seals Barking
Died of Death
MC Half-Assed Robot Costume (album: Go Home)
Fuckin' Sniveling Toads
Shit On The Lens
Explicit Graphic EQ
Cancer Selector
Billy Dega Rap
My Special Diatetic Lunch
Hablembem Masyao
Administering The Neighborhood
Missim Missim
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